The Syntach CS

Syntach Cardiac Support is a permanent and active implant that can be inserted with a minimally invasive technique. It is smaller than existing LVAD devices and is therefore suitable for males and females of all sizes. These are significant advantages compared to products that are currently available.

Syntach CS’s advantages compared to conventional LVADs are:

  • Minimally invasive – placed through a mini thoracotomy

  • Supports the natural heart movement

  • Durability of over 10 years

  • Reversible – can be removed again

  • Low risk of thrombus – no fast-moving parts in blood stream

  • Minimal risk for infection

  • No driveline through the skin

  • Totally implantable

  • Low energy consumption - operated by implanted battery

  • Pulsatile flow

  • Low patient risk at power supply interruption